Valentine Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are such a inexpensive and fun activity you can do with your children during holidays. Toddler and preschool age children benefit from the different activities that can be incorporated with them. They are also very popular for children with special needs or developmental delays. Who doesn't love an activity that is fun and encourages your child to learn at the same time? The best part is that you can buy everything that you need at a dollar store!


To start your valentines sensory bin you can add some big fluffy cotton balls. This will give a good base to start with and such a fun texture. Then simply go to the holiday section of the dollar store and go crazy! You can add items like foam hearts, hard heart gems, and anything glittery! When choosing your items just keep in mind your child's age and whether or not the item might be a choking hazard and they will be able to grab all of these items. Make sure to choose different sizes objects with an array of textures. Once you have thrown all of your items into a big bowl start doing some fun activities!

I hope this has inspired you to do some fun and inexpensive activities with your child for Valentine's Day!

Sources: Fantastic Fun and Learning