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We believe that all children have potential. We are guided by the mission to support children with special needs to Achieve Beyond their current abilities. We are always striving for continuous improvement by setting goals and measuring performance.

It is the reason we will succeed together.
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Achieve Beyond Provides Pediatric
Therapy & Autism Services

ABA is a scientific approach to learning and is endorsed by the Surgeon General as the leading therapy for children with autism. It focuses on using positive reinforcement and motivation to learn to increase their communication, socialization, and play skills.

Speech therapy is designed to assess, diagnose and create treatment/remedial programs to restore and improve communication efficacy in infants, children, adolescents and adults. SLPs also focus on feeding and swallowing difficulties, articulation, stuttering and voice disorders.

OT aids in the development of skills that support engagement in everyday life activities. OTs/COTAs address children’s difficulties with the performance of daily activities in the areas of feeding/eating, self-care, play, learning and development. 

PT is designed to improve the lives and daily function of children and to meet specific motor and developmental milestones. PT addresses flexibility, strength, and energy efficiency with movement to optimize play and daily activities.

Our teachers design, implement, and modify therapeutic interventions for the child and family to promote skill acquisition in the areas of play, imitation, problem-solving skills, emotional development, behaviors, and adaptive development. 

Our therapists are able to provide high-quality services to your child via teletherapy. With the caregivers’ support, our therapists use engaging techniques to help teach your child through a webcam so that your child can learn safely and effectively.

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Achieve Beyond is guided by the mission to support children with special needs. Join us to be the reason we succeed together.

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