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Achieve Beyond Provides Supervision in ABA, OT, PT, and Speech Therapy

Achieve Beyond is a passionate and innovative organization that is committed to children, families, and providers. We provide pediatric therapy, including ABA, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech therapy in home and clinic based settings.

At Achieve Beyond, we value teaching and learning, and this applies to our providers along with our children. Each provider is assigned a clinical supervisor and directors in order to provide ongoing support and encouragement. Our clinical support team observes our clinicians, provides feedback, teaches continuing education, and is there as a sounding board for all questions.

Want to Work in ABA Therapy?

Within the field of ABA, all children and providers have a Board Certified Behavior Analyst assigned to them. The BCBA assesses the child, creates programs and goals, teaches the providers, works with the families, and provides direct and indirect supervision for each provider and child.

Want to Work in Related Services?

Our speech, occupational, and physical therapy assistants are all provided with supervisors who have practiced in the field and are able to give their assistants valuable resources, continued supervision, and guidance. This allows for our assistants to flourish and provide their children with the best care.

Achieve Beyond also provides supervision for those who are looking to pursue their BCBA, SLP, or OT certifications. Our supervisors provide continuous learning opportunities and work with the candidate to set them up for future success in the field.

Supervision is a key to success at Achieve Beyond,
which is why we emphasize a strong and supportive clinical supervision team.