Educational Assistance Program - Achieve Beyond

Educational Assistance Program

Achieve Beyond is proud to offer Section 127 Educational Assistance Programs to sponsor an individual to go to school and/or pay towards student loans for a variety of clinical degrees and certification/licensure.

Achieve Beyond has been providing the highest level of clinical therapy services since 1995. In this tradition, our company is dedicated to providing new opportunities for individuals to start and/or further their clinical careers at Achieve Beyond.  If approved for a Section 127 plan, the individual agrees to work for Achieve Beyond in the clinical path sponsored.

The Section 127 plans currently offered at Achieve Beyond are towards the following clinical tracks:

Interested individuals must be actively enrolled in a school program, accepted to a school program, or have completed their degree to be considered.

Please go to each clinical track for further information per clinical area. If you are interested, please complete the application and submit your current resume (the resume must list current educational level).

If you are chosen for an interview, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Department.

Achieve Beyond’s Educational Program payments towards student loans will end on 12/31/2025. End date of program is subject to IRS regulations and overall program is subject to discretion of Achieve Beyond’s Management.

Thank you for your interest in our Educational Assistance Program: Section 127 Plans!