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Achieve Beyond continues to provide the highest quality of ABA therapy services via online telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety is our top priority for our children, their families, and our providers.

Telehealth is a mode of therapy services provided via electronic device such as using a Zoom meeting on your computer. The child/parent and provider communicate via video conferencing to conduct therapy sessions as mandated. This allows therapy to continue online while the child and therapist are not at the same physical location. Telehealth services help to continue familiar routines for children and are scheduled with the child and family in mind and eliminate the need for families to travel to receive therapeutic services.

ABA Therapy Online Telehealth
Programs Available

Programs that are currently participating in ABA teletherapy services are Early Intervention, CPSE, CSE, and Insurance based services. Various disciplines of therapy continue to be provided such as ABA therapy and autism services, speech therapy, special education, occupational and physical therapies, social work, and evaluations.

Positives for Families & Therapists
with Online Telehealth ABA Services:

  • Creates access to care in the comfort of the child’s natural environment
  • Empowers and engages parent/caregivers and allows them to ask questions
  • Provides opportunities for discussion of what works for the child and the family and how to guide and coach
  • Focuses on the importance of incorporating activities from natural routines to coach parents/caregivers across their daily life
  • Provides parents/caregivers strategies and ideas for embedding therapy activities into their natural routines
  • Creates activities from everyday items available in the home to motivate and reinforce learning and acquisition of skills
  • Decreases possible regression of acquired skills since services are provided on a consistent basis.

Telehealth For Therapists

  • Provides the power of positively reinforcing not only the children but the families and caregiver/s
  • Focuses on the importance of planning ahead and engaging in virtual sessions- PLAN, PREPARE & PROGRESS
  • No travel required. All services provided via electronic device online.