How to Help Your Child Remain on Task


This quick tip video highlights strategies that could help your child remain on task even when the tasks are not preferred activities. This also helps your child work independently by using an activity schedule.

Presented by: Laura L. Bisceglia, MA.Ed, SBL-SDL - CPSE Clinical Supervisor


Trouble keeping your child on task? Most of us have these issues. One way that you can help your child remain on task and start building on that is through an activity schedule. You can use pictures or a written list to teach your child how to complete each task.

You want to start with some really fun and preferred activities. Things that your child already knows how to do. And then teach your child to start being able to complete them on their own and then move and start throwing in some maybe not so preferred tasks, such as homework or even reading. Things that they can do independently.

You always want to follow that by doing something really motivated so that this way, they’re excited to be able to do a task to get to the next task. Start with one activity and then just keep building.

In order to make sure your child doesn’t rely on you for prompts to get through, so that this way it can give you a break and have your child work independently, try to remember not to prompt them through those activities whenever possible. And try to find things that your child has already mastered or is able to do on their own.

Make sure you can complete those activities without help and then just start adding. Again, always thinking of something that’s motivating to help them get through the whole thing.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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