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5 Inspirational Videos on Autism Everyone Should View

Achieve Beyond Pediatric Therapy and Autism Services serves children with special needs nationwide on a daily basis throughout New York, California and Virginia. In this day and age of YouTube and the rise of video online, this medium has become a more powerful tool then ever to raise Autism Awareness in this country. Here are 5 inspiring videos on Autism that everyone should take a look at. They are exceptional videos that will most likely shed a new light on Autism for most that view them. If you have an inspirational video on Autism please feel free to post links to these apps below. Feel free to share these apps on your favorite social networks as well.

  1. The Face of Autism

  2. BBC - My Autism and Me

  3. Jake: Math Prodigy Proud of His Autism

  4. Autistic Girl Displays Unimaginable Intelligence

  5. What It is Like to Have a Brother With Autism

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Monday, 30 November 2020

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