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ABA Therapy Westfield, NJ Clinic for Children with Autism

About Achieve Beyond in Westfield, New Jersey

Featuring 11 private 1:1 therapy rooms and a multi-use activity area, our first NJ clinic, helps our amazing team reach new heights in therapy for children with developmental disabilities.

Special Needs Care for Your Needs

Children with special needs can receive clinic-based or a mix of home and clinic-based therapy based on their needs, through private health insurance and private pay in a fun and safe clinic environment. BCBAs, or Board Certified Behavior Analysts, provide assessments, treatment plans, and ongoing supervision and training to our wonderful behavior therapists who conduct the 1:1 ABA therapy.


Achieve Beyond has been helping children achieve their potential for over 25 years. We are family owned and operated and we are a national organization that provides high quality ABA services.

Welcome to our New Jersey clinic in Westfield. We offer ABA services here as well as social skills groups and different activities for children with autism.

Achieve Beyond’s Mission

At Achieve Beyond, we firmly believe that all children have potential. We are guided by the mission to support children with special needs to achieve beyond their current abilities. Your child’s and your family’s goals are our biggest priority here at Achieve Beyond and we work hard to ensure a collaborative approach to your child’s therapy.

Location and Services

Our brand new clinic is conveniently located at 424 Central Avenue, Westfield New Jersey. Your child is able to get ABA therapy in one of our amazing ABA rooms. We also have a gym available for your child. We are open Monday through Saturday and take most medical insurance plans as well as offering a private pay option. We offer safe, in person and virtual social skills groups as well as individualized therapy sessions. Our children are able to have services both in home and in clinic so that they can get the best of both environments.

Health Safety Protocols

We have strict cleaning, sanitizing, and health and safety protocols in place for all of our staff and children so that we are able to ensure the wellbeing of all of our children and therapists. If you’re interested in learning more or have any questions at all, please contact us at 1-877-654-0999 or email us at info@achievebeyondusa.com, for more information.

My name is Tara Karen. I’m our Clinical Director for our New York and New Jersey offices and I am here to ensure that your child receives the very best ABA therapy that we can offer.

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