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Fun Winter Activities for Kids with Special Needs

When winter hits there are still lots of fun activities for special needs children. It doesn’t matter what level your children are at, you can find something fun and creative to do together. Help them to grow both mentally and physically and create great memories together in the process. Make the winter season a memorable time of the year. Feel free to share other exciting winter activity ideas in the comments section below.

Sensory Snow – Playing in the snow is a great sensory activity. Children can make snowballs, snow men, snow angels, forts, go sledding and more. It is one of the most enjoyable activities during the chilly winter months. Playing in the snow is a great activity, but have you ever tried painting it? All that is needed are squirt bottles filled with food colored water. This activity is a great winter activity that is loads of fun and reinforces gross motor skills.

Cooking – Cooking is a staple of the holidays. Getting your kids involved in this activity is a great way to keep them busy, having fun, and helping out. Cookies, pies, pretzels, cakes and more can be created with the help of your children. They learn a skill that they can use for the rest of their lives, have the ability to create new traditions and enjoy home cooked treats while reinforcing their listening and gross motor skills throughout the entire process.

Board Games – The winter is a great time to go in the basement or closet and take out your classic board games. Host a family game night, invite friends over and serve some of the homemade goodies you were cooking with your children for even more good times. Board games teach great team work skills, sharing, socialization, and are a lot of fun to play.

Arts and Crafts – There are so many creative arts and crafts that can be done in the winter time to fill up your winter days when going outside is not an option. Some of these crafts include making snowflakes out of paper, making Play Doh snow men, painting snow scenes and creating holiday decorations to name a few. There are limitless possibilities to the projects that can be done and arts and crafts are always enjoyed by the children. Let their creativity be seen with this great activity.

Community Activities – You would be surprised how many activities your local communities offer throughout the year. In the winter months a lot of museums in the area will offer discounted admission tickets, story times events are popular and of course ice skating is at the peak of it’s popularity. Research events in your local area to see what activities are offered in your area to make your winter days more enjoyable as a family.

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