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Name Spelling Exercises for Your Child

Spell Your Name Exercise

Hi everyone. My name is Nicole [inaudible 00:00:15]. I am the director here for CPSC at Achieve Beyond in the city office. Now that the weather is turning nicer and we’re able to finally say enjoyable springtime, it’s great to get your children involved in various activities. Something that combines writing their letters in formation, and also being able to identify the correct order of their name is a pedal activity.

Trace Letters in Order

You can start with writing their name on the bottom and write it in order. You can have them trace it with a marker or simply with their finger. Then have them write it on each pedal. Make sure that they’re able to follow in order to be able to ensure that each letter is written on a pedal.

So for instance, if their name is Zachary, you would put Z-A-C-H-A-R-Y. And also you can either hand write something to draw it out like a pot or even a stem. And then that way they could put their letters in the correct formation. For instance, we did Zachary, you had put Z-A-C-H-A-R-Y.

Incorporate WH Questions

It’s a great activity for them to be able to also create the stem themselves, ask those WH questions to include vocabulary and communication.

You can ask them, what goes on the bottom?

How does the flower grow?

What is needed?

Let’s look outside. Do they need snow or do they need the sun?

Also, it’s important to include different concepts of why does it rain?

Does the rain help the flower?

So it’s great to create not only the crafts, but expand those questions with your child to have those reciprocal conversations. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. It’s having fun. And through having fun, they will be able to learn.

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