Our Directors

Trudy Font Padron Founder, Programs Executive Director
Trudy Font Padron obtained her doctorate at Vanderbilt University. Prior to founding Achieve Beyond, Dr Font Padron served as a tenured professor at the graduate level, teaching courses in Assessment, Statistics and Childhood Behavior, while continuing to undertake assessments and deliver services, in English and Spanish. Dr. Font Padron now consults on clinical issues and assists in lobbying efforts on behalf of EI and Preschool children and families.

Robert Padron Executive Director
Robert Padron received his BA from New York University and his MBA from Columbia University. Prior to Achieve Beyond, he co-founded a chain of pet stores, raised cattle and farmed in Tennessee and developed tropical fish farms in Central and South America. Currently, Mr. Padron oversees business functions and develops new programs at Achieve Beyond. In this role, he is involved in the Business Development Department.