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Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

Using Shaving Cream to Improve Motor Skills

My name’s Tara Karen, I’m our clinical director here at Achieve Beyond. Today, we’re going to go over some fun ways to get your kids to work on writing or their fine motor skills by going and using shaving cream and plastic bags. Sounds silly, but our kids love sensory items and this is one way that you can cheaply and easily go and work on this.

1. Put Shaving Cream in a Plastic Bag

You’re going to take a plastic bag, the bigger, the better, to be honest, but we’re going to use a short one. And you’re going to get a shaving cream, not a gel. You want to make sure it’s like foam. And just take a little bit and just shoot in there. You could also work and have your kids do this.

That’s a fun thing as well. You’re going to make sure that you really close the bag. This is very important. Make sure that this is really sealed. You don’t want this going everywhere. And then you could have your child just go and this is a great way to just play around. It’s a very good sensory activity.

2. Practice Writing (double bad to prevent messes)

But now if you want your child to be able to practice writing or some of those fine motor skills, this is when you’re going to take the air out of the bag and then reseal it. If you are very nervous about messes, you can definitely double bag it too. And now you can have your child’s practice writing their letters, numbers.

So the letter A, and it’s a great way for you to be able to just go and feel around. You can also have them take a pencil or the dull end of a pencil or a paintbrush and start writing the letters as well. That’s another way to do this.

3. Smear it on a Table (smear it on a table if you’re not worried about messes)

If you do not care about messes, another great way to do that is to just spray it right on the table. It actually goes and cleans your table so it’s good, but this is another great way to go and get your child to be excited to do things because they get to make a mess. You’re going to smear it out.

And now again, your child is able to write letters. You can smear it out again. They can write numbers. And this is a great way for you to have fun, get a little messy, but also go and start practicing writing.

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