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How to Make Homemade Play-Dough

Recipe for How to Make Homemade Play-Dough

Hi, I’m Brittany Beaver, ABA Clinical Supervisor in Hudson Valley. I’m here today to provide a fun activity to do whenever we have some time to hang out.

Here we have a recipe for making our own play dough, because sometimes making the material is just as much fun as playing with it. To make our own play dough, pretty simple. Most things we can find in our house. A large pot, a spoon, and then a plastic bag. And then our ingredients include flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, vegetable oil, and then food coloring if you wish to make it fun colors.

1. Mix Ingredients

To make our play dough, we’re going to stir our ingredients together, the flour, salt, and cream of tarter in the pot. And then we’re going to add the water and oil.

2. Heat Up the Mixture

We can cook over medium heat, stirring constantly. We want to be careful of the flame, but stir constantly to ensure the consistency is correct. And I want to keep stirring until the dough is thickened and we can make it into a ball. Remove from the heat carefully, very carefully. Turn off the stove too.

3. Cool Down and Add Color

And we can then place it into the bag or wax paper, whichever you’re using. Make sure it is cooled enough so you can touch it. And then we’re going to knead it until it becomes very smooth play dough. If you want to add colors, we can do that now. We can divide the dough into how many balls you want, as many colors as you want and knead those in so the colors mix throughout the ball. And then you are ready to play with it.

4. Storing the Play-Dough

Then of course, make sure we’re storing it properly, and storing it inside those bags, sealed. And we can keep it for up to three months. And then just some other fun tips we can do. If you wanted to add some glitter, we can do that to the bag. We can add the food coloring. Knead that through. It may make a mess, just be careful of that. May put some newspapers down, but does make it some more fun. And in addition to our fun play dough toys, you can also try out cookie cutters to play with our dough. Have fun.

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