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Parents: Join in on the fun with your kids!

Meet Senovia, one of our ABA Clinical Supervisors at Achieve Beyond! She’s showing us how to join in on the fun with your children’s play activities!

Presented by: Senovia Boone, M.S. Ed. – ABA Clinical Supervisor(Bronx/Brooklyn)

Find educational opportunities by having fun


Hi. My name is Senovia, and I will be discussing a brief little play strategy that helps most of our parents. As a parent, and who’s also an educator, I know that when we think of play activities for our little ones, we want them to be what we deem educational. So, we’ll get that seven-piece puzzle with many colors on it, and shapes, and letters, and numbers that we can have our children label, without realizing that all of that is unnecessary. At least to start.

When thinking about simple play activities, I’d say, first, figure it out what your child is into and then join them. Simply join in on their play. For our early learners, their classroom is literally their environment. Their playroom, their bedroom, the living room, the classroom, is their natural environment.

So, take advantage of that. Your child has a car and he’s into that car and the car ramp, and he puts the car down the car ramp, you get a similar car, and you follow. He’s going, you move alongside. Add your voice, start labelling some of what you guys are doing.

You’d be surprised at how much more into the activity the child will be. Because now you’ve inserted yourself into an activity that they were already super happy engaging in, and then you can find those teachable moments. So, I say all of this to say, don’t be so focused on placing demands, and asking many questions, and labelling all the items around you at once. Simply engage with your child. Allow them to allow you into their space. And once you’ve successfully done so, then you can find those teachable moments. For now, just bug out and get super silly.

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