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Paper Bag Games

Simple tricks to play with your childs, get them motivated and get them talking. You’re going to take a paper bag, brown paper bag. It can be a big one, a little one. And now you’re just going to find common objects in your household. So you’re going to just go and find it, whether it’s a keys, it’s a paintbrush, a ball. And you’re just going to go and put a few items, not too many, in here, shake it up. Do this with your child not watching you, say we’re going to play the paper bag game. What your child’s going to have to do is feel inside the bag, and tell you what the object is. It sounds so silly, but it’s really fun to be able to go and have surprises. So, what are you going to find in the bag? And so I’m going to use the keys. Now, even if your child is not able to vocalize it, you’re still able to go and do this activity with them, where they pick it out and you say, ah, those are keys, that’s wonderful.

Or what else do we have in the bag today? Let’s see. It’s a ball. Would you like to throw the ball? Let’s play ball, right? And this is a way that you can get your child engaged, active. You can also do this with letter games, right? So throw in a few letters, if you have them lying around. Shake it up. What letters should we have? See if they can feel it. Tell, maybe you’ve got something that’s sensory. Tell to have them describe it. Maybe have them with the letters feel around and say, can you figure out what letter that is? If not, you can just have them bring it out, label the letter. Sometimes it’s really great to also be able to use choices. Let’s think of an animal that starts with the letter K, and they can pick it out of the bag. So again, just using simple items from around your house can really help you engage with your child, as well as increase the vocalizations, the language that you have with them, without even spending any money.

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