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How to Increase Communication Skills Between You and Your Child

How to Increase Communication Skills?

Hi, my name is Nerissa. I’m a clinical supervisor here at Achieve Beyond. I just wanted to share some tips with you on how to increase communication between yourself and your child.

Avoid Using Direct Questions

The first tip that I have is to minimize the use of direct questions. Sometimes it’s very tempting to go to the children and ask, “What is this? What do you need this for?” We want to take the approach of commenting on the activity maybe that they’re engaged in.

Instead of picking up a toy train and asking a child, “What is this?”, Maybe we’ll comment on how they’re playing with the train. “Wow. That’s a big train. Wow. It’s moving pretty fast.” By commenting on what the child is playing with, rather than asking them a question, we’re able to model appropriate conversation about that object.

The children will have a little bit more fun with imitating what you say when you’re modeling a response instead of you having to correct them when they answer a question wrong or they don’t answer the question at all.

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