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Impact the Life of a Child Working in Pediatric Therapy

What sets Achieve Beyond apart is our mission, that all children have potential.

What I love most about this job is that I get to go home and feel really good about what I’ve done for the day. I get to help those in the ASD community, help them improve their lives and help them achieve beyond.

My favorite thing about what I do working for this company is being able to work with families and the children to see the children evolve and grow.

Our session is not only focused on the child itself, but we focus on the entire family because we help them grow their communication skills and the strategies.

I think everyone here feels a sense of pride when the children achieve their goals. It’s a company where people, whether they’re therapists or people in the back office, are familiar with the children and the families. We all celebrate those successes together.

Achieve Beyond is a great place to work because we are run by therapists. We hire therapists to work for therapists. We know what it takes to provide these services and we make sure that we have all the support needed.

This is not like your typical office environment. There’s always an open line of communication. When I need assistance or I need to ask someone a question, I never feel like I’m bothering anybody. They’re always there to help me and support me and give me the assistance that I need, whether that be data collection, scheduling, or just tips on how to become a better therapist, really.

You know where to refer when you have a question and that makes our job easier because you know where to go, where to call, where to receive support.

To make your work easier, if you’re a provider, we work hard to decrease the admin paperwork and give you more time to work directly with the family, which is incredibly important.

Making our therapists feel supported and being able to do their best work with our children is something that our administrative teams all know and really strive for.

As a licensed therapist myself, I really make sure that our providers are getting all the support they need, including clinical supervision, ongoing trainings, workshops.

When I started, I didn’t even know what a BCBA was. I came in thinking, “Hey, I’m going to be a therapist, and I think I could be really good at this job.” But learning more about the role of the BCBA and how they supervise other therapists and how they create the goals for their for their clients, that really intrigued me because I feel like my strengths really lie in that area of assessing a situation and coming up with goals to help the child improve their lives.

The ability to work in teams is central, not only in our therapeutic work with the providers, but also in the admin side. We’re always making decisions based on team input and beginning to know who this child is.

You need to come and work for Achieve Beyond because it gives you the opportunity to do what you like to do, what you are trained to do, and to grow and to learn every day and practice what you love to do.

The schedule at Achieve Beyond is very flexible. So we’re able to maneuver our appointments around what times are best for their family.

I can switch sessions, coordinating with the parents. If they agree, I can move one session to another day.

Collaborating with other staff and other therapists to kind of bounce off ideas off of each other, learn new techniques, learn new strategies.

Achieve Beyond to me means hope. It means that we can really provide all the services necessary to make these children’s lives better and fulfill their potential.

Achieve Beyond to me is a place to grow. As someone who started as a behavior therapist and is now working as a clinical supervisor, I feel that it’s truly a place that I want to invest my time in.

To me, Achieve Beyond means family. It says it in its name, to achieve beyond a child’s goals. We work together with families to accomplish things that they didn’t think were possible.

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