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How to Make an Activity Dice

Hi, my name is Deborah Kim and I’m a behavior therapist here at Achieve Beyond. Does your child have a hard time choosing what fun activity they want to do next? It can be hard for all of us to make decisions sometimes, but decisions don’t have to be hard. They can be fun. One way to do it is making a dice. So here we have materials such as a construction paper, markers, a tissue box, and a glue. And then we have bunch of construction paper that are cut up into squares and then we write each activities such as a walk, arts and craft, puzzles, bubbles, cleaning, and the last activity can be the child’s choice.

So after we have all these written up, we can glue one to each side of the box. And you and your child can glue this together, which the last part says my choice. So have the child do hand over hand with you, make sure the child’s hand is on top of yours so that you guys are gluing it together, and you guys can glue my choice together. Make sure that all the parts are sticking. So after you finish making the dice, we can roll it and ask the child, hmm, let’s make a decision by rolling a dice. So let’s roll the dice. Oh, look. It says, for instance, cleaning. Why don’t we start cleaning? That’s how we make a decision by rolling a dice.

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