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How Container Baby Syndrome Affects Infants

Hi, my name’s Bonnie. I’m a pediatric physical therapist. I’m an evaluator for early intervention here at Achieve Beyond. And I also work in a preschool with children with special needs. I’ve been a PT for 35 years, and I was asked to give a tip for parents. And I think one of the most important tips I can give is general. Basically, babies learn by moving.

What is Container Baby Syndrome

Moving goes hand in hand with learning. And if a baby isn’t given the opportunity to move, they will not learn as much as they could. So one of the things that’s coming up lately is something called Container Baby Syndrome. And it sounds a little strange, but basically it’s a result of babies being positioned in what they term containers. So all the baby shower gifts you got, the Bumbo seats, the infant seats, the infant walkers, the jolly jumpers, all of those things will contribute to children having some difficulty with their motor skills.

Affects of Container Baby Syndrome

Container Baby Syndrome can contribute to flat heads, torticollis, decreased strength. It can also possibly result in a delay in a child’s motor skills. So my tip for parents out there is to just say no to all these containers, or at least say just not too much, try to limit your time that you place a child in container and the most important thing for all babies and all children is to be down on the floor and moving. So let your child move and keep them out of containers. And tummy time!

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