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Achieve Beyond Your Imagination!

Achieve Beyond means life for me.

Achieve Beyond to me means hope.

To me Achieve Beyond means family.

Achieve Beyond means that there’s a place for families to go when they need help.

We are a family-owned company. We’re not a huge corporation, but we’re also not a mom and pop; we’re somewhere in the middle. So we do have organization, we have structure. We know what it takes to provide these services and we make sure that we have all the support.

Everyone here feels a sense of pride when the children achieve their goals. It’s a company where people, whether they’re therapists or people in the back office, are familiar with the children and the families. We all celebrate those successes together.

The ability to work in teams is central, not only in our therapeutic work with the providers, but also in the admin side. We’re always making decisions based on team input. And the teamwork is incredibly important. And beginning to know who this child is, it involves a lot of intensive clinical assessment, not only with the child, but with the parent. We have to check in with parents. We have to make sure that we’re on the right track because I think that is so integral to the success of treatment.

Our session is not only focused on the child itself. We focus on the entire family because we help them grow their communication skills and their strategies.

Everything we do is geared towards helping children and their families to do better. So getting them the services they need; speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, autism services, special Ed, and behavior therapy.

One of the great things about Achieve Beyond is we really work very closely with the families, as well as the providers to make sure that we’re able to give this child the best services. So if they need services in the morning, if they need weekend services, if they need support in home or in the clinic, we are able to provide that for them.

At Achieve Beyond, our services always come first. Our providers, as well as our families’ needs and making sure that they are met drives all of our day-to-day decision making. We value customer support and customer service to make sure that all of our families, as well as our providers are always taken care of. And we’re always meeting their needs, responding to their requests, and being ahead of the game.

When families need help, they can rest assured that Achieve Beyond is the place to go.

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