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Tips and Tricks for Technology

By: Gina M. Ballone, MS, BCBA, LBA

How can we utilize Technology to our benefit?

Technology is a large part of our lives, and our children’s lives. Ideally, limiting screen time would be simple and easy to implement. This is not the case, especially considering our current situation. Technology can be used in many different ways and benefit both children and parents.

What to do and What to Avoid When Considering Screen-Time
What to Do:
  • Set boundaries- determine how much time would be acceptable for your child to play with an iPad or tablet and use a schedule or timer to express this to your child
  • Use technology as a reward. If technology is a preferred item for your child, use it to get through more non-preferred activities such as schoolwork or chores
  • Use technology for more than just games- consider educational websites or apps
What to Avoid:
  • Not following through. If you say technology time is over make sure to remove that technology, similarly if your child is working for technology provide them with it immediately
  • Screen-time before bed- this can overstimulating for your child and make sleep much harder

Example of Different Ways to Utilize Technology

Movement activities are available via technology. Using technology that incorporates movement can be a great means of exercise and physical activity fun through the application of technology. Below are some examples of technology that incorporates movement based activates.

  • Dance Videos
  • Video games that require movement (Wii or LeapTV)
  • Yoga or exercises Apps

Education/ Learning

Using technology for education purposes is an easy way to allow your child extra screen-time while ensuring cognitive growth and learning. Below are some examples of technology that incorporates education.

  • Educational websites or Apps
  • Online read along books

Social/ Family Time and More

Making Technology a part of family time or a means of communicating with peers as well as an outlet for creativity can be beneficial for children. Below are some examples of such technology.

  • Multiplayer games
  • Creation of art, drawings or online coloring
  • Zoom/ Online play dates with friends

Tips & Tricks for Transitioning from Technology to Other Activities
  • Give warnings and use a timer, Example: “5 more minutes of iPad then we read a book”
  • Incorporate screen-time into a daily schedule When transiting from a device to another activity, choose a highly preferred activity for your child
  • Remember its okay to allow more screen time now that your children aren’t in school or may not be able to see friends or go to the park

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