How Visual Aids Can Help Your Child Process Things

Take a look at our quick tip video all about visual aids! Visual aids help children and adults remember and process things. Learn about different visual reminders that you can utilize with your child to help them with everyday life tasks.

Presenter: Presented by: Tara Karen, M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA, Regional Clinical & Operations Director

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How to help increase your kiddos daily living skills!

Meet Sean-Nicole, one of our amazing BCBA candidate's at Achieve Beyond! She's discussing how to increase your child's daily living skills!

Presenter: Presented by: Sean-Nicole Kellar BCBA LBA

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Going from Sippy Cups to Using Straws

"I tell my friends and parents, sippy cups were engineered for parents not for children." Learn more about how to transition your child from sippy cups to straws with Sonu!

Presenter: Presented by: Sonu Sanghoee, MS,CCC-SLP – Related Services Clinical Director

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Let's Talk ABA Therapy with Achieve Beyond!


Meet Erin, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at Achieve Beyond who wants to talk about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy with you!

With presenter: Erin Ficara MA, LBA, BCBA

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How to Keep Strategies Consistent!


Meet Sharita, one of our dedicated BCBA/LBA supervision candidates at Achieve Beyond! She's covering how to keep the strategies implemented by your behavior therapist consistent even after the sessions end.

Presented by: Sharita Chambers - BT, BCBA/LBA Supervision Candidate

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Motivate Your Child By Giving Them Choices


Introducing Lori, a BCBA at Achieve Beyond. She's discussing how you can help motivate your child by providing them with choices!

Presented by: Lori Estien M.S., BCBA, LBA - Assistant Clinical Director

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How to Motivate Your Child Without Bribing Them!


Meet Sharita, an LBA/BCBA Supervision Candidate here at Achieve Beyond! Sharita is discussing how to motivate your child without having to bribe them!

Presented by: Sharita Chambers - LBA/BCBA Supervision Candidate

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How to Get Your Child to Do a Task, Motivating Your Child


Enjoy this quick tip video discusses the “first-then” strategy and how this can benefit your child with understanding that they need to complete a task before moving on to something new. This is a simple and clear strategy that can be used every day.

Presented by: Tara Karen, M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA - Regional Operations Director

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How to Help Your Child Remain on Task


This quick tip video highlights strategies that could help your child remain on task even when the tasks are not preferred activities. This also helps your child work independently by using an activity schedule.

Presented by: Laura L. Bisceglia, MA.Ed, SBL-SDL - CPSE Clinical Supervisor

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How to Help Your Child Engage With You More


Enjoy this quick tip video about how to help your child engage with language and you more! This video discusses how parents can find ways to motivate their child mand or request things from you and engage with you.

Presented by: Tara Karen, M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA - Regional Operations Director

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Common Misconceptions Regarding Mand Training for Your Child!


Enjoy this quick tip video where we discuss common mistakes made regarding mand training and teaching you child how to request things! Specifically teaching vague mands!

Presented by: Gina Ballone, MS, BCBA, LBA - Clinical Director of ABA Services

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