Although places are starting to open around us, many child-friendly venues such as playgrounds, amusement parks, and schools will remain closed for quite some time. This time of uncertainty can be both scary and, at times, frustrating for everyone involved. It can be helpful to give your little ones some structure.

We all benefit from having structure and routines. Routines help our little guys understand what we expect from them. Routines that are organized and predictable can be beneficial for all children, especially children who struggle with transitions. You may have seen a spike in your child's problem behaviors during the Pandemic, as things have quickly changed for them without any warning.

Creating schedules for your little ones can be helpful for parents, as well. Some parents are working from home, and providing activities for your children to engage in while you are working is essential.

Daily Home Schedule

Make sure your schedule includes opportunities for you and your little one to engage in play together. DIY art projects and sensory activities are fun to do as a family, plus they can provide learning opportunities for your little ones.

Jell-O Exploration

DIY Obstacle Courses

You can be creative with items readily available in your home.

Sensory play with rice, beans, or pasta

Add food coloring to bubbles for colorful bubble fun. Most importantly, GET SILLY!!!!

By: Senovia Boone M. S. Ed.