How Visual Aids Can Help Your Child Process Things

Take a look at our quick tip video all about visual aids! Visual aids help children and adults remember and process things. Learn about different visual reminders that you can utilize with your child to help them with everyday life tasks.

Presenter: Presented by: Tara Karen, M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA, Regional Clinical & Operations Director

Visual aids are things that we use for children and adults in order to help us remember or process things. We use it as adults. We use shopping lists or to-do lists, we use calendars. These are all visuals that help us process tasks. And it’s no different with children.

With our children, we like to give visual reminders that we help to use us to remain on task or to show what is coming next. Visual aids can be very simple such as a list or more complex like an entire picture book, or an activity schedule, a token board, or even a chore chart.

Remember that using simple and specific language to explain the meaning of each task and make sure that you are always reinforcing or rewarding compliance of those visual tasks.

One example of things that we use are token boards. You can get this by just doing a piece of paper with laminating or you can just use a piece of paper, a dry-erase board, anything that you have. And you can create something such as stars or little boxes for checks. I am working for, that child, your child is going to be able to pick what they’re working for. We always want to ask because all of our preferences change frequently.

And then again, every time that you tell them a rule, right? So, if you follow these rules, you’re going to get a check. If you complete this task, you’re going to get a check. You’re going to start out with one, two, three checks so that your child understands doing this equals getting this. And then you can start expanding to 10, 20.

Chore charts work similarly. We know that a child is going to work for a certain task and they’re going to work for a certain reward and then we give them the ideas of what they want. So visual aids like pictures, lists, chore charts, and token boards are a great way to go and help your child process what they need to do without overly complicating it.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

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