How to Help Your Child Engage With You More


Enjoy this quick tip video about how to help your child engage with language and you more! This video discusses how parents can find ways to motivate their child mand or request things from you and engage with you.

Presented by: Tara Karen, M.S. Ed, BCBA, LBA - Regional Operations Director


Many parents ask us how they can help their child to engage in language and engage with them a little more. And one of the first things you want to think of is children use mans or requests, is something that benefits everyone. So, you want to find ways that they have to request things from you.

Whether your child is able to say things in one word or in full sentences, you always want to build in motivation. So, you always want to ask them questions or hide their motivation so that this way, they’re more motivated to ask you for things. So, for instance, if a child, I know wants cookies, and they’re always out, ready for them to grab, they have no motivation to ask me or engage with me for those cookies.

So, by simply putting them up in view but a little bit out of their reach, now that child will have to ask me for cookies. Whether they point to it, use a word, use a picture, now I can do that. With a little bit more advance, you can hide something. So, do this task and maybe hide a pencil. Or hide the material that they need for it so that they have to then request for that.

Going and creating motivating situations for a child to engage with you will really help you promote language. Another tip is, make sure that you are very specific with what you want to see. Don’t just say, don’t do this, but tell them what they should be doing instead.

It’s something that a lot of us forget to do but it’s super helpful in teaching your child the behaviors that you would like to see. In addition, it’s great with adults as well. Everybody needs to know what they should be doing instead of what they should not be doing.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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