How to help increase your kiddos daily living skills!

Meet Sean-Nicole, one of our amazing BCBA candidate's at Achieve Beyond! She's discussing how to increase your child's daily living skills!

Presenter: Presented by: Sean-Nicole Kellar BCBA LBA

Hi, everyone. My name is Shauna Cole and I’m a behavior therapist for Achieve Beyond. Today, I’m going to go over a few easy tips and tricks for increasing daily living skills while at home with your children. First, I’m going to talk about daily living skills and why they’re so important. So, daily living skills are skills that are necessary for self-care activities. These are essential activities that we all engage in every day, ranging from washing your hands to cooking a meal.

These skills are important for growth of your child’s independence and overall success. A few things to consider when choosing a daily living skill to work on with your child, are their age and their current skill set. Determining what skills are appropriate for your child’s age as well as building upon skills that they already have, will help to increase the probability of your child’s success when they’re learning new things.

Some things that you can do at home to increase daily living skills include, creating an activity sheet or a checklist. Activity sheets can help direct your child through an activity in a particular order. For example, a morning routine can be broken down into different activities, such as brushing your death, then showering, and then getting dressed. Similarly, a checklist can provide a visual for your child and they can check off activities as they complete them.

We also want to remember that practice makes perfect. Provide your child with opportunities to practice daily living skills, such as helping you do the laundry or cook dinner. The skills required for these activities may be a little bit difficult at first, but with a little bit of practice and your patience, your child can acquire multiple skills that will benefit their daily lives.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

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