CPSE Provider Forms Page

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SEIT Provider Service Form
Absentee Notification Note
Service Invoice
Summary / Translation IEP Meetings Invoice
Evaluations Invoice 1099
Evaluations Invoice - W2

Parental Release Form
Request for Additional Assessment
Home Language Survey (HLS)
Speech Therapy Authorization Form
Social History Questionnaire
Child Outcomes Summary Form (IND 7)
QA Checklist for Evaluators

Reports Template
Quarterly Progress Note
Blank Quarterly Progress Note
Annual Progress Report
Age Out Progress Report
Rationale for Additional Services
Discharge Progress Note
NYC Department of Education IEP Pages
Evaluation Report

Samples / Instructions
CPSE Daily Session Note Instructions
CPSE Daily Session Note Example
CPSE Indirect Session Note Sample
CPSE SEIT Service Form Sample
Quarterly Progress Report Explanation and Sample
Annual Progress Report Explanation and Sample
Age Out Report Explanation and Sample
Rationale for Additional Services Sample
Discharge Progress Note Explanation
NYC Department of Education IEP Pages Sample
SEIT Coordination Log with Related Services Sample
SEIT Coordination Log without Related Services Sample

School Year 2019-2020
First Attendance Date Form (FAD)
Last Attend Date (LAD)
Blank SEIT Provider Schedule
Report Due Dates

Provider Incident Report
Provider's Report of Injury During Session
SEIT Coordination Log
Blank Letterhead
Referral Form
Consent For Alternate Signature