Medical Drug Free Statement

Hudson Valley

Conduct – Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Bilinguals Inc. / Achieve Beyond maintains a no tolerance policy for the use or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol in the work environment. Activity related to use and/or distribution of substances, resulting in conviction in any court, during or outside of work hours, is grounds for dismissal.


Employees are expected to report to work in a mental and physical condition, maintained throughout working hours, conducive to safe, effective and efficient execution of assigned duties. Behaviors, on or in Company property or during Company time that are prohibited will, upon examination of facts and circumstances, result in immediate termination. Such behaviors include the following:

  • The use, possession, sale, purchase, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol, illegal drugs, or controlled substances
  • The abuse of legal over-the-counter or prescription drugs (including but not limited to use of another’s prescription)
  • Being under the influence of drugs, controlled substances, alcohol, or non-classified substances that, intentionally abused, have the effect of intoxication

Activity in or outside of working hours or Company property that may result in immediate termination include:

  • Conviction for use, sale, distribution, possession or manufacture of illegal drugs
  • Conviction for illegal use/distribution of alcohol
  • Conviction for activity involving use of alcohol or drugs
  • Substance abuse programs require follow-up drug testing of both mandated and volunteer participants. On completion of treatment, employees will be subject to return to work testing, and a probationary period during which periodic, unannounced retesting may occur.
  • DOT policy requires employees driving Company vehicles with a gross weight of 26,001 pounds or more to submit to mandatory drug testing under the DOT guidelines.
  • Where there is reasonable cause to suspect that an employee is in violation of Mediacom’s drug and alcohol policy, in compliance with federal guidelines and with approval of Mediacom’s Corporate Human Resource Department, the employee may be subject to mandatory drug testing.


In compliance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act, all employees convicted of criminal drug or alcohol offenses must report the conviction to their supervisor or manager within five working days of the conviction.

Employees are responsible for immediately reporting violations of this policy to their supervisor or manager.

Failure to comply with reporting procedures will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Employees to be screened for drugs will be contacted by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)—a medical doctor certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers. The employee is responsible for remaining in contact with the MRO and Bilinguals Inc. while awaiting results of the drug screening. Failure to remain in contact will waive the employee’s right to consultation with the MRO prior to testing results and the employee will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

THE ROLE OF Bilinguals  Inc. / Achieve Beyond

Bilinguals Inc. / Achieve Beyond educates the employee through a Drug and Alcohol Policy Orientation that includes the following information:

  • Consequences for violations of policy
  • Health and safety consequences
  • Behavior manifestations of use/abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Information regarding the Employee Assistance Program

The procedure for handling employees who receive positive drug test results is to:

  • Place the employee on suspension without pay.
  • Inform the employee (and parents of employees under the age of 18) by certified letter giving them seven days to exercise their right to have a medical explanation regarding test results or a retest of the same sample.
  • If an acceptable explanation is found for the test results, reinstate the employee with full back pay.

Counseling, Rehabilitation and Employee Assistance

Bilinguals Inc. / Achieve Beyond will provide assistance on a one-time basis to employees who voluntarily seek assistance for drug and alcohol abuse problems. Employees who voluntarily seek assistance prior to an incident requiring a drug screen will not be subject to disciplinary action.

Employees testing positive for illegal drugs will not be given the opportunity to pursue treatment or rehabilitation under this policy.

While completing treatment, if an employee in a “safety sensitive” position requires reasonable accommodation to return to work, Bilinguals Inc. / Achieve Beyond will take action on a caseby-case basis. Safety sensitive positions are those positions where there is potential risk of harm or injury to the employee, co-workers or the general public.

Nothing contained in this policy prohibits the safe and legal use of medication legally prescribed by a physician for an employee. This does not include the use of legally prescribed medicine by a party other than the person for whom the medicine has been specifically prescribed.

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