Hands-On Learning at Preschool

Hands-On Learning at Preschool
Thursday May 25, 2017
5:00pm - 7:00pm
2700 Westchester Ave, Suite 300
Purchase, NY 10577

Presenter: Arleen Schefflein

Hands-on learning at preschool means the children are active learners throughout the day: exploring
with materials, learning by doing, moving throughout the classroom, and interacting with one another.
The teacher acts as a facilitator – not by telling the children what to do with the materials – but by asking
questions that challenge them to use them in new and creative ways. A teacher skilled at hands-on learning
will often begin their inquiries with how: How can you build that bigger without it falling? How can you
make sure those plants grow healthy? How can you all play together so everyone has a turn? Come and
share your ideas for questioning for deeper meaning!

Workshop Registration

** Please be advised if less than 10 attendees register we reserve the right to cancel with 48 hour notice.
In case of this occurrence, full refunds will be issued. Otherwise all other refunds will be issued in full only 
if they are received 14 days prior to the workshop.

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